Infant & Pregnancy Loss Support

The Support You Need

Infant & pregnancy loss is a unique and personal journey for each family. Care plays a significant role in initiating a healthy grieving process for parents and families after they experience a loss. This care will have a lifelong impact.


Suffering from a pregnancy loss is life changing but with a great support team your experience can be a small bright light in the dark.

We use supportive conversation, connect you to community resources and ease your transition with hands on support. Finding someone you feel comfortable reaching out and seeking support from can be very beneficial for yourself, your partner and your family. 

Support after loss will look different for each individual, couple and family. You may benefit from support through speaking about your experience, feelings and grief or you may find movement like a healing yoga practice to be beneficial for you. Sometimes having someone come to your home and drop off or make you some food can be life changing as it is sometimes the last thing on your mind.

Nourishing yourself physically, emotionally and mentally is something that you need to do for yourself. Honouring your thoughts, feelings and your loss are vital in your healing process.

We offer support before, during and after your loss. This support can be at your home or at the hospital. 

Infant & Pregnancy loss support is offered free of charge.