Birth Pool Rental

Interested in a home birth? Have you dreamed about a water birth or labouring in a birth pool?

Benefits of a water birth:

* Higher rates of spontaneous vaginal births (no forceps or vacuum)

* Cesarean rate for everyone who laboured in water and/or gave birth in the pool was only 4.4% compared to a national Italian average of 38%

* Waterbirth is linked to a decrease in the rate of third and fourth degree tears, which cause injury to the anal sphincter. 

*When used for pain relief, the effects of waterbirth are similar to the effects of injectable narcotic medications for pain relief. 

*Labour in water births are shorter by 50 minutes on average compared to non water births.

* 72.3% of people who had water births stated that they would choose this method of giving birth again.

Rental Cost $200.00 (includes pool, pump, hose and liner)

Booked Doula clients with Luna Collective cost is $150.00 (includes pool, pump, hose and liner)

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